The Kingwood Fillie Booster Club encourages all members to join the Fillie community by volunteering your time to support the team in reaching its goals.


Volunteer Sign Ups

Coming Soon! Future sign ups for 2019-20 will be posted here.

Volunteer Hours Form: Submit your parent volunteer hours using this form.

2019/2020 Kingwood Fillie Booster Club Volunteering Expectations & Guidelines

Minimum Expectation = 30 Volunteer Hours per Family ( Possible merits given to your Fillie for exceeding this amount)

Hours Received:

Committee Chair = 15 hours

Committee Member = # of hours worked (max 10 hours)

Shift for an Event = # of hours worked

Prop Dad = 3 hours per competition

Chaperone = # of hours worked

Additional Work (Nationals Wall, Team Memory Book Page, Prop Creation) = # of hours worked (max of 10 hours per item)

Donation = 1 hour per line item donated